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O Cosmedics stands for skin health and skin youth throughout the ages, empowering you with the self-confidence to be proud of your skin.

Rather than claim the Holy Grail on barely-there volumes we’ve formulated O Cosmedics with potent, concentrated active ingredients using the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science blended harmoniously with nature.  Based on Biomimetic advances O works with the skin in order to maintain (or regain) normal skin function and cell optimisation.  Unlike most skin care ranges O is corrective, there’s nothing fluffy or relaxing about this serious skin offer. O stands for precision skincare, using the latest most advanced science and technology to change the way skin behaves and ultimately achieve optimum skin health.

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Dermaviduals is world-renowned for manufacturing active skin care systems, using only pure ingredients.  Employing ground-breaking technology Dermaviduals have created a range of creams and lotions without using the binding properties of an emulsifier.  Emulsifiers can build up within the skin and dissolve skin lipids when it comes into contact with water (eg. via perspiration and general cleansing routines).  This in turn can leave the skin compromised.

Using the best ingredients from around the world, together with the very best in science and innovative research, remains at the heart of what we do at dermaviduals.  Dermaviduals believe in customising their products for specific skin conditions, not applying a blanket approach to their formulations.

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The Dermapen3™ is the world’s first and original, revolutionary Micro-Needling Device which aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin.  The Dermapen™ can visibly improve the appearance of:

Aging Skin, Fine Lines, Wrinkles
Acne and Trauma Scars
Stretch Marks
Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation
Enlarged/Dilated Pores
Vertical Lip Lines

Dermapen3™ systematically creates micro-punctures in the skin causing the body to naturally respond by launching processes to repair the physical damage.  The result is an increased production of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments, but without the side effects and downtime.  Dermapen3™ Treatments have also been found to be more effective and beneficial than most microdermabrasion and chemical peels.



GINGER&ME, created by industry experts Nicola Quinn (GINGER) and Maria Enna-Cocciolone (ME), is an innovative skin solution with an extensive black list and a burst of sisterhood inspiration!

Created with 21st century technology in mind, GINGER&ME represents sophisticated formulations with a synergistic blend of ingredients that work to offer exfoliation, hydration, nourishment and protection - the ultimate in skin health with a decadent body experience.  With the environment attacking our skin every single day, it’s important to use products that are kind to the skin while working on every sense in the body.  GINGER&ME is designed to take care of the skin with the added luxury of decadent textures and smells without using typically nasty ingredients G&M considered no-no’s.


Beyond a decadent skin solution, GINGER&ME symbolises sisterhood.  Life is a juggle, the pressure is on and we can be thrown curveballs; sometimes we can even forget to take care of ourselves, let alone each other.  GINGER&ME shares a message of comfort, support, laughter and courage where words don’t always come easy – a reminder that it’s a bad day, not a bad life and you don’t need to do it alone.  As a result, GINGER&ME’s three signature fragrances are now recognised as:

Be Brave: Enlivened with the sweetness of Lychee & Guava
Be Grateful: Infused with the natural essence of Coconut
Be Happy: Enriched in a synergistic blend of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Black Currant, Pear and Vanilla

Celebrate Life!